Specialized Fit Headset Bearings - 11/8" - 1.5" | Tapered

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Specialized Fit Headset Bearings - 11/8" - 1.5" | Tapered

Specialized Fit Headset Bearings - 11/8" - 1.5" | Tapered

High quality cycle industry replacement bearings for Integrated Tapered Headsets. These bearings can also be used as direct replacements on all other makes of headsets that require the same bearing size.

If you need the upper bearing for a Specialized mtb/road bike that has the recess lip follow this link Click HERE

These headset bearings are suitable for the following Specialized Frames:

Compatiable with nearly all Specialized MTB's from 2013 onwards that have a tapered headtube.

2009 Carbon Epic / Era / Stumpjumper / Safire
2010 Enduro / Epic / Stumpjumper
2011 Stumpjumper Carbon / Alloy EVO / Alloy 29er
2011 Enduro / Epic
2012 Enduro, Stumpjumper, Epic, Era, Safire
2013 Epic, Camber, Stumpjumper, Safire, Enduro

2009 Carbon Stumpjumper
2010 Stumpjumper
2011 Stumpjumper Carbon, Alloy Evo, Alloy 29
2012 & 2013 Stumpjumper
2009 Carbon Epic
2010-2013 Epic
2009 Carbon Era
2012 Era
2010 - 2013 Enduro
2009 Carbon Safire
2012 - 2013 Safire
2011 -2012 Tarmac


Upper bearing | Sealed AC Bearing - IS42/28.6 | (OD:41.8 x ID:30.1 x H:8 x A:45°) - Campy Fit

Lower bearing | Sealed AC Bearing  | (OD:52 x ID:40 x H:7 x A:45°)


IS42/28.6  (OD:52 x ID:40 x H:7 x A:45°)

OD:41.8 x ID:30.1 x H:8 x A:45°

OD:52 x ID:40 x H:7 x A:45° 

Alternative bearing numbers for Upper bearing

  • TH-870E
  • MR121
  • MH-P08H8
  • PT-R418

Alternative bearing numbers for lower bearing

  • TH-070E
  • MR170
  • MH-P16
  • PT-R413

We have made every effort to make sure the above list is correct and have provided it as a guide.

It is the responsibilty of the purchaser to check the size of the bearings required for your specific headset against those on offer in this combination. 

NB. We are aware of occasions when the original top bearing of an FSA headset has a unique grove in the inner race of the top bearing. If your headset has this groove then the top bearing of this set is not compatible with your top assembly. The fitment of this particular headset from FSA by Specialized seems to be sparadic and is not fitted to all models.

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