R029 - SRAM | RWD Disc Brake Pads

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R029 - SRAM | RWD Disc Brake Pads

For more years than we would care to admit, we have been engineering performance braking components. We cut our teeth in motorsport, delivering braking products that repeatedly racked up international victories.

The RWD range of MTB disc brake pads comprises two material formulations. Both having been developed, tested and fine tuned over a period of two years. Where applicable, RWD disc brake pads are supplied with high strength return springs.

Organic Friction Material

RWD Organic brake pads offer a consistent level of friction whilst being relatively low-wearing on the disc. The medium density and compressibility properties of this material mean that the pad has an excellent level of modulation and control. Organic disc brake pads demonstrate good cold performance, offering consistent "bite" from the outset. The green performance (from new) is equally as consistent with the pads bedding to the disc surface with relative ease and speed.


Sintered Metal Friction Material

Sintered brake pads offer a stronger initial "bite" with a higher mean friction level than the Organic material. This improved level of performance is due to the inclusion of copper fibres within the friction material mixture and ensures that RWD sintered disc brake pads are amongst the highest performing available anywhere today. The Sintered formulation has a higher density and lower compressibility than its Organic equivalent, which makes it a very hard compound. Due to its hardness a Sintered pad has a longer lifespan than an Organic pad making this the best value for money option.


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