Rhino Goo Foam Air Filter Cleaner - 5 Ltr

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Rhino Goo Foam Air Filter Cleaner - 5 Ltr

Rhino Goo Foam Air Filter Cleaner - 5 Ltr

Rhino Goo Air Filter Liquid Cleaner

Cleans all types of foam and fabric air filters effectively .

Chosen by World Motocross & Enduro teams Rhino Goo Filter Cleaner is a special water-soluble degreaser developed for use on all modern foam type air filters.

Our Cleaner’s unique formulation ensures thorough cleaning of all foam air filters and unlike petrol or other solvents Rhino Goo filter cleaner will not attack the glues used by manufacturers in the construction of the filter itself. .

Rhino Goo filter cleaner is highly developed to remove grime, dirt and residue from any type of foam air filter. Keeping your filter clean will ensure your engine runs smoothly and isn’t choked of air, thus improving performance and the life of your engine parts ,

Rhino Goo foam air filter cleaner is a Biodegradable and non-combustible cleaner for all foam and fabric air filter elements , just wash in you sink without the worry of damaging the planet .

This liquid Premixed cleaner washes air filters with the use of warm water.

Rhino Goo Air Filter Liquid Cleaner Key Features:

  • Cleaner for all foam and fabric air filter elements.
  • Free of damaging solvents, biodegradable and non-combustible.
  • After cleaning, wash with warm water, allow to dry.
  • Re Oil with preferred choice.
  • It is free from harmful chemicals which can damage the filter.
  • Compatible With All Foam Air Filters.
  • Pro-Longs Filter And Engine Life.
  • Water Soluble Formulation.
  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • Quick And Easy To Use.
  • Available in 1 or 5 Litres.

All Rhino Goo products are manufactured to the highest specification using only the finest chemical solutions sourced in the UK and are extensively tested prior to being marketed through our distribution network.

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