Juin Tech AB1 suspension/damper T bar mount

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Juin Tech AB1 suspension T bar mount for smart phones and lights

Juin Tech AB1 suspension T bar extention mount for smart phones and lights

The Juin Tech suspension bar extension mount (t bar) offers a unique solution to protect your smart phone and lights from excessive vibration whilst out riding. Ideal if you enjoy off road night riding or take the bridleway commute. 

The patented design provides adequate space to mount your smart phone and lights, whilst keeping the tops of your bars clear for climbing.

Vibration transfer is reduced upto 80% through a patented damper design. The mount comes with too different springs for the damper to allow you to carry upto 300grams or 450grams.

Weight: 111grams

Suitable for bar dia: 31.8mm, 28.6mm, 25.4mm, 22.2mm (includes spacers)

  • Patented product. 
  • Made from Aluminum 6061, CNC process. 
  • The unit avoids precious equipment such as smart phones, GPS, etc from suffering results lag or unstable signal when you ride on uneven road.
  • Almost reduce 80%~90% shocks when you are riding.
  • Anodized finish. 
  • Quick and very easy to install.
  • Suitable for any size of handlebar such as 31.8mm, 28.6mm, 25.4mm, 22.2mm.
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